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Calm + Hype Bundle

Clear & Relaxed + Focused & Motivated
  • 2x way split of Calm and Hype Mood Drinks
  • Calm - 50mg magnesium for mental relief
  • Hype - 60mg organic caffeine from guayusa
  • With serotonin & dopamine nootropics
  • Notes of peach lavender berry citrus
  • Sparkling, super effective & long lasting
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It’s not energy,
it’s a mood.

Made with serotonin & dopamine boosting ingredients to naturally enhance the way you feel.


A super effective way to get your mind in the mood. Feel it or we'll give you your money back.

Big on flavour,
low in sugar

No crazy sugar levels or artificial sweeteners. We made a tasty drink that’s also good for you.

Organic caffeine and
caffeine-free option

Match your mood to the moment. Hype is naturally caffeinated and calm is caffeine-free.


People love Peak. #itsamood

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Zach H.

“The Hype one is nuts … the difference in my work rate when I’m on peak and when I’m not is crazy. I had to smash out 30 edits this week and when I sit down to edit it feels like all the distractions disappear and I fully immerse into my work.”

☑️ verified purchase

Az L.

“LOL I can't believe how quickly it kicks in. I doubted it would even work, but it's strong enough even to focus my ADHD brain - never found anything like it. I'm sold”

☑️ verified purchase

Sam P.

“I was skeptical at first. Thought it was just an energy drink. But now I get it. Makes me feel completely different. just more on it, more positive about stuff and up for what I've got to do.”

☑️ verified purchase

Nina T.

“Hype is insane, it's strong without being too much. Feels it works almost instantly and then I'm good for most of the day. AND it never makes me crash like coffee or energy drinks. LOVE it”

Calm your mood


Hype your mood

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