Childhood friends and Peak founders Louie and Ben (that’s us!) were sick and tired of the side-effects of long over-stimulated days and nights. Foggy mornings aren’t conducive to wide-eyed ambitions.

But there was a real lack of choice when it came to functional drinks that taste good and aren’t bad for you. So we did what creative partnerships do, and got creating. The brief? Unlock pathways back to clarity, consistency and control.

“Traditional functional drinks like coffee, energy and alcohol all come with their ups and downs that take a toll on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. We believe the impact is greater on the creative brain, so we created nootropic mood drinks to help people get in their peak state of mind.”

— Ben Whales (Co-Founder)

“We founded Peak to help creative minds take control of the way they feel. As someone who has wrestled with ADHD most of my life I'm more prone to anxiety, stress and overworking. I'm so grateful to have discovered the power and benefits of nootropics when I did, they've become a clean, daily alternative to coffee and alcohol.”

— Louie Syred (Co-Founder)


We believe creative thinking is fundamental to building a more connected future. For people. For communities. For humanity. So we’re all about helping creative thinkers get in the mind state for peak productivity.

Enough with feeling strung-out, burned-out, tired-out, stressed-out, freaked-out, zonked-out. Peak is your liquid pathway to mind control. Rise from the brain fog. Take command over your mood, and enter a clearer state of being.