Live a life under your own influence

Let’s be honest. Some of the best times we’ve ever had were thanks to the magical fermentation process of grape and grain. If only we could remember them, right? At some point – probably while wasting another weekend decomposing in bed – we’ve all made a promise to drink a little less and spend better quality time with our mates. peak is an alcohol-free alternative that might just help you keep that promise.

In your hand, it’s a satisfying alternative to alcohol. In your brain, it could be that small step toward a more connected, conscious and confident life. At the end of the day (or night) it’s a healthier, more well-rounded choice to the other rubbish that makes sensible drinking a less palatable proposition – a la cola, alcohol-free beer, mocktails and that other fizzy nonsense.

So … raise your glass (or can) to a world full of big scary challenges and equally immense opportunities. Here’s to grabbing those moments with two hands, not letting go and not putting them off for another day because we’re too hungover. Here’s to fulfilling our potential, not filling our bodies with potent shit. Here’s to not living under the influence – of anyone or anything.

Here’s to a life worth remembering and a drinking culture worth raising a glass to.

Ben & Louie
peak founders

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