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Calm Mood Drink

Drink to feel happy and relaxed
  • 50mg magnesium for calm and relaxation
  • High dose of serotonin-boosting nootropics
  • Sparkling with notes of peach & lavender
  • Subtly sweet, super effective, long lasting
  • Big on flavour, low in sugar (only 32 calories)
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It's not CBD,
it’s a mood

Made with serotonin boosting ingredients to help you feel happy, clear and relaxed.

No more anxiety
or overthinking

A fast-acting, super effective way to calm your vibe. Feel it or we'll give you your money back.

Big on flavour,
low in sugar

No crazy sugar levels or artificial sweeteners. We made a tasty drink that’s also good for you.

Boost without the buzz,

Tryptophan boosts your feel good hormones so you can get in the mood without caffeine.


People love calm #itsasmood

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Olivia G.

“Never had a drink to make me calm before. This is crazy. Is it me or does it taste calm too? This stuff works, I'm telling you”

☑️ verified purchase

Az T.

“LOL I can't believe how quickly it kicks in. I doubted it would even work, but it's strong enough even to calm my ADHD brain - never found anything like it. I'm sold”

☑️ verified purchase

Adam S.

”The CALM one is too addictive. Flavour is on fire for real. Like I should feel bad about drinking it or somethin but it's good for me .. so I'm confused. Didn't know this was poss? 🤣 ”

☑️ verified purchase

Libby S.

”game changer. I need this after a big study session cause my brain gets so fried!”

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