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Choose Your Mood

calm to unwind, hype for the grind

People love Peak. #itsamood

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Zach H.

“The Hype one is nuts … the difference in my work rate when I’m on peak and when I’m not is crazy. I had to smash out 30 edits this week and when I sit down to edit it feels like all the distractions disappear and I fully immerse into my work.”

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Olivia G.

“Never had a drink to make me calm before. This is crazy. Is it me or does it taste calm too? This stuff works man, I'm telling you”

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Az C.

“LOL I can't believe how quickly it kicks in. I doubted it would even work, but it's strong enough even to focus my ADHD brain - never found anything like it. I'm sold”

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Adam S.

”The CALM one is too addictive. Flavour is on fire for real. Like I should feel bad about drinking it or somethin but it's good for me .. so I'm confused. Didn't know this was poss? 🤣 ”

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Daisy B.

“Tbh I was skeptical at first. I didn't believe a drink could actually 'change my mood'. But damn I'm a believer now - calm is my new is my new pre-studio ritual, stops me over thinking and I just get into it. Totally worth it!”

Feel like you need both?

That’s peak.

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