Got questions?

Why would I drink Peak?

At the end of the day (or night) Peak is a healthier, more well-rounded choice to the other rubbish that makes sensible drinking a less palatable proposition – a la cola, alcohol-free beer, mocktails and that other fizzy nonsense. As for ‘why’,well that, dear drinker, is up to you.

Who is Peak for?

Peak is the clear-headed choice for the conscious drinker and deep thinker. It’s a refreshing alcohol alternative that will help you drink a little less, spend better quality time with the people who matter most and, with any luck, help you be a little kinder to yourself. 

What is a ‘Social Tonic’ – did you just make that up?

Yes. Yes we did. We’re saying a social tonic is a new kind of drink – one that helps you tune in, not out. Peak is the perfect supplement to a new kind of shared experience that's healthy, fun and satisfying without the intoxication, hangover or long-term health problems. 

Great. Is the high horse also included with every purchase?

Woah there cowboy, but point taken. It’s also totally fine to just drink Peak because it tastes great.

How will Peak make me feel?

Legally I don’t think we’re allowed to say “like an omnipotent being who experiences time and space as both infinite and momentary” … but I think we can safely say that it will make you feel a little clearer, a little sharper and a little calmer when you need it most.

Will Peak get me high?

High on life, as mother used to say. But no … obviously not. It’ll do a lot of good things for that squishy grey stuff between your ears but an altered state of consciousness is not the destination we’re headed for here. 

Caffeine has me bouncing off the walls – is peak for me?

If super caffeinated drinks make you jittery and anxious and feel like you can smell colours then you’re not alone. The guayusa leaf used in Peak contains a gentler, slower caffeine release that may be the perfect substitute for you.

Can I drink and drive?

Ahhhh … can you drink a can of Peak and then drive an automobile? Yes. The rozzers won’t stitch you up for that. But should you drink a can of anything while driving, removing a hand from the wheel and potentially distracting yourself from the road ahead? Probably not, no.

Can I use Peak as a mixer?

That’s actually completely defeating the purpose of our whole little venture, but we like the dissidence of your thinking. So sure, go for it if you must. Though we would say a virgin Peak is the way nature truly intended it to be experienced.

Am I in fact joining a cult?

No, definitely not. Not technically … no.

What’s the crack with shipping?

Free delivery on all orders over £30. Weekday orders confirmed before 1pm are delivered in two working days by Royal Mail or Parcel Force. 🚚


Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation delivery times may vary - we appreciate your patience.

Do you ship internationally?

Peak is only available for delivery in the UK. We hope to deliver far and wide in the near future. 🚀

Help, there’s an issue with my order?

If you have any issues regarding damaged or wrong orders, please contact us at and we will happily help resolve this.

We have a 14-day return policy, which means you have 14 days after receiving your item to request a return.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it and in its original packaging.

Can I get a refund, please?

We’re sorry to hear you require a refund, please contact us on and we’re all ears.

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