Tips to help you fend off the ‘Sunday Scaries’

Tips to help you fend off the ‘Sunday Scaries’ - Peak

Ah, Sundays. 

Love them or loathe them, they roll around every week.

There is a sweetness in the quiet calm of Sunday morning. You can sleep in a little longer, indulge in a brunch just because, and treat yourself to a frothy coffee. Then come Sunday afternoons. Roast dinners or saucy spreads are indulged in, followed by a little afternoon walk, then maybe a film curled up on the sofa.

But then, Sunday evenings rear their ugly head. And the thought of it being Monday in a matter of depressing hours sinks in. Don’t fear, here are some life-changing hacks to soothe your Sunday scaries.


Not to sound like a nag, but curling up in bed at 6 pm and wishing the world away isn’t helping you feel any better. It's time to make a routine for Sunday to alleviate the state of existential dread that you get yourself in at the end of every week. 

Your structure could look like this: 

Sunday morning: 

  • Maybe chuck a load of laundry in. 

  • Cook some eggs over easy. 

  • Take in the slow Sunday morning. 

Sunday afternoon: 

  • Make a lovely lunch, or go out for lunch as a treat. 

  • Go for a little walk. 

  • Listen to some tunes to decompress when you come home.

Sunday evening (dun dun dunnnn): 

  • If you’re going to work or school on Monday morning, pack your bag now so you’re not so stressed. 

  • Maybe even make a packed lunch for your future self. 

  • Take a hot shower or a bubble bath, and do a bit of skincare if you fancy. 

  • Hit the hay early, and maybe watch an episode or two of your fave telly before you drift off into stress-free slumber.  

Trust me, giving yourself a structure instead of wallowing in your Sunday sadness will make all the difference. 


This might fall into the above category, but it's pretty important so deserves a number of its own. Incorporating exercise into your Sunday routine is basically guaranteed to shake off the Sunday scaries.

Exercise = endorphins. Endorphins = happy brain. Happy brain fears nothing, even the imoveable Monday morning.


This one’s the hardest.  I know we’ve given it a cute title, but the Sunday scaries are a symptom of your larger anxieties. If you’re feeling trepidation at the mere thought of starting another week, it's time to restructure your thought patterns. 
Monday isn’t something to be afraid of. Yes, it's the start of a new week, but to banish the Sunday scaries you’ve got to start thinking positively about your Mondays.

You’re not a lasagne loving ginger cat, and a new week brings seven days of potential greatness. Change the way you think about your week and channel a more positive mindset.


I know that the previous step is a toughie, so if you’re not ready for a total brain overhaul then giving yourself a little incentive is a great way to make the prospect of a Monday way less daunting.

Make a Monday morning routine of grabbing a nice coffee on your way to work, treating yourself to a nice lunch from the local deli or even wearing that shirt you save for special occasions.


You might think that the person writing this list must have their sh*t together to be this preachy about the Sunday Scaries. The truth is, I really don’t. Just like everyone else, I hate Sunday evenings for the same reasons you do. 

This list might sound totally unobtainable, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Give one a try this weekend, and practise some Sunday self-care. Together, we can bin off the Sunday Scaries for good.

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