How to deal with 'hangxiety'

How to deal with 'hangxiety' - Peak
Whether you had one too many margaritas over the bank holiday weekend or a little too many sangrias at brunch, we’ve been there and we’ve got your back. 

A hangover is one thing. Headaches, nausea and exhaustion are enough to make anyone say, “I’m never drinking again” when in all likelihood, you’ll be proclaiming the same again in a couple of weeks. 

Headaches aside, we’re voting for hangxiety as the worst side effect of a rough hangover. It sneaks up on you. First, it’s just a sore head, then you’re a little queasy, and before you know it, you’re texting everyone you know asking if you’re still friends or whether you did anything weird last night. I, for one am no stranger to the hangxiety blanket apology: 

“Hey mate, I remember seeing you last night. So sorry if I did anything weird. Do you hate me?” I have been there, my friend. I’m here to give you the top tips on avoiding hangxiety. 

On the morning after a big one, you’re normally tempted with a classic fry up or something else greasy and delicious to soothe your internal anguish. Sadly, we’re here to tell you that your bacon egg and cheese bagel is probably making you feel worse. Eating foods high in fat will cause further inflammation to your gut and exacerbate your hangxiety.

The gut-brain connection is well documented, so if your tummy is in trouble, you’re going to feel just as bad in your brain. So opt for the avocado toast the next day.

Not to sound too much like your mum here, but you probably didn’t drink enough water last night. Your hungover husk of a noggin is starved of hydration and electrolytes, and you need to replenish them if you want to start feeling better. 

Apologise to your brain for what you’ve put it through with a fat glass of water. Going one for one is even better. Drink a pint? Sink the same volume of water. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow.

You need to sleep it off if you’re going to feel any better. A prolonged sleep allows your body time to recover properly. Resting your brain for some extra time with allowing it time to detoxify and reduce any extra anxiety-inducing inflammation. 

I know, it sounds like a terrible idea. But unfortunately, it’s gonna help. Getting that crucial exercise will increase the endorphins in your brain, boosting your mood and alleviating your hangxiety. You’ll feel terrible for the first 10 minutes, but you’ll be right as rain after that. 

(Sorry, not sorry for the cheeky self-promo). Packed full of nootropics like caffeine, L-theanine, ashwagandha and B vitamins, Peak is basically a can of everything your hungover brain needs to heal itself. Do your future self a favour and chuck one in the fridge for the morning after. Your future hungover self will thank you.

Alcohol steals happiness from tomorrow, leaving you a husk of a person the day after. Peak contains nootropics that are scientifically proven to increase motivation and improve your mood. 

Replenish your grey matter with Peak. 

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