Brain Wave #001

Brain Wave #001 - Peak


Evidence suggests that most humans have them. Those of us who use them are probably familiar with the arch nemesis of 'getting stuff done', ie. brain fog. To compliment your can of clarity, here are 3 solid tips to help cure your messy mind for the week ahead.

Leveling up your brain waves: here's what happens when you meditate for 1000 days straight (zero Buddhist monk training required). It’s a safe bet to help keep your brain at its Peak for the year ahead.

Speaking of new year’s, let’s talk resolutions. AKA the annual pack of lies we tell ourselves as we proudly proclaim “new year, new me”. Make those dreams a reality by understanding ‘neuroplasticity’ - I know, sounds dead simple - but it’s the key to making and breaking habits without breaking a sweat. 



Yep, it's January already and this Monday is Blue Monday - a day dedicated to your depression. How cheery. And so, the theory goes:

The worst weather + the “it’s been 2 weeks and you’ve probably broken your resolutions by now” sadness + sh*t January finances = the most depressing day of the year.

Shockingly, it’s been revealed that this very scientific sounding equation was actually a bunch of BS cooked up by Sky Travel to sell more holidays. So, Monday might not actually be Blue, but you can always be upset about how massive corporations can manipulate your feelings just to sell you stuff. 



However, life’s not looking that bleak if you can get involved with Crypto-art. If you exist on the internet, you’ve probably heard of NFTs.

No, this does not stand for Ninja F*cking Turtles; it stands for Non-Fungible Token. According to some designers, the emergence of NFTs has ushered in a “creative and artistic renaissance”. So there’s hope on the horizon for creatives, at least.



With creatives in mind, Little Simz strikes again with a euphoric slice of synth-rock to reset your mood. It’s our favourite Sunday Sound-wave set to kickstart your week.



The prospect of a new year complete with expectations of a 360° life overhaul can be daunting. Fear not though, I’ll be here every week with the tools you need to help you keep your mind in control of your mood.

And remember, in the wise words of F.M. Alexander: “People do not decide their futures, they decide their habit and their habits decide their futures.”



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