Brain Waves

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Brain Wave #003 - Peak

Brain Wave #003

GIFS AREN'T COOL ANYMORE Gen-Z has decided that Gifs are cheugy. Think of GIFs as the new Live Laugh Love wall art of the internet. Don’t panic -  GIFs will still be alive and well to use in your ...

Brain Wave #002 - Peak

Brain Wave #002

SPOT THE GREMLIN  This week is a little different - it has a theme. It's about relinquishing your f*cks. Ya know, letting go of that little voice inside your head that tells you to quit before yo...

Brain Wave #001 - Peak

Brain Wave #001

BRAINS. Evidence suggests that most humans have them. Those of us who use them are probably familiar with the arch nemesis of 'getting stuff done', ie. brain fog. To compliment your can of clarity...