Strong Foundations: The Peak Moods Backstory

Strong Foundations: The Peak Moods Backstory - Peak

Louie and Ben have been friends for nearly twenty years. Bonded by mischievous schoolboy antics, the two became inseparable as teenagers. Their paths began to split as they entered young adulthood, as they both dropped out of school before they turned 16. Ben went on to build an established career in finance with Goodwood and Louie became the creative director of an international CBD brand.

Years later they rekindled their friendship after a chance meeting on Brighton beach and the flame of their friendship was reignited.  Although their paths had diverged in totally different directions, they found common ground once more. This time the school-boy pranks had been replaced by their shared frustration with how cultural drinking habits affected human health and potential.

49% of Gen-Z suffer from poor mental health every day. As a neuro-divergent person, Louie has struggled with self-medicating his ADHD, and ben was no stranger to the social pressure surrounding drinking. So the question arose: why do we seek to dull our minds every day with coffee and alcohol, instead of uplifting our minds to unlock our best potential? With this question in mind, Louie and Ben set out on a mission to reimagine the functional drinks market.

After the pair spent a year researching and developing a product to alleviate our cultural addictions, Peak was born. But how do you describe something that hasn’t been invented yet? 


Redefining a category is no small feat, but the next generation is thirsty for change and legacy brands don't align with their lifestyle or values. Peak is capturing a whole generation by fuelling an era of creativity and conscious thinking.

After a year of flying solo, Peak joined forces with Neverbland, an award-winning digital production agency based in London. Neverbland provided Ben and Louie with commercial guidance from industry insiders, and brand core development with Jeff Mcdonald which has helped push Peak to the top. 

Since its launch, Peak has garnered national press and gained nationwide distribution and listings with key retailers; including an exclusive partnership with Gorillas and supplying all  Planet Organic stores.

With no previous industry experience, Louie and Ben have built their network of private investors and advisors and recently closed their pre-seed funding round of £250k, valuing Peak at £2.2m. Peak's first two moods offer Mental Clarity and Mindful Calm. The ambitious startup plans to expand the category further over the coming years by serving additional need states.

Stay tuned to watch Peak take over the planet with its groundbreaking creative ideology. 

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