Quick Hacks to Improve Your Mood

Quick Hacks to Improve Your Mood - Peak

Feeling foggy or frustrated? You’re only human. Here are our favourite brain hacks to get your grey matter feeling groovy again.

If you find yourself feeling low, I like to start with the simple stuff first:

  1. Eat and drink something
    1. It could be your low blood sugar talking. Grab a granola bar or make yourself a bit of toast before you do anything drastic 
  2. Go outside 
    1. Get the grass between your toes. Feel the sun on your face. Get the breeze blowing through your lovely locks. It’ll give you a little refresher and hopefully get you feeling fresher 
  3. Have a siesta
    1. Calling it a siesta makes it sound better than a nap I think, but sleep is sleep at the end of the day. Your bad vibes might be due to your tiredness. It’s hard to feel fresh when you’re exhausted. So remedy those easy problems first.  

If those first steps fail, don’t lose hope. Here are the backup ones to boost your vibes and get you out of that funk. 

  1. Tech detox 
    1. Step away from the phone! I’m serious. Our brains are addicted to the dopamine hit we get from using social media, so it's time to curb your tech dependencies. Allocated a few hours in your day where you are totally tech-free. Pick up a book, do some journaling, go to the gym (I’ll allow you an iPod to crank the tunes but not to post on your insta stories), do some doodling, go for a walk - the tech-free possibilities are endless! 
  2. Exercise
    1. As previously mentioned, doing some physical activity is one of the best ways to free yourself of brain fog. It doesn’t have to be a hard-core gym sesh if you don’t vibe with that - it could be a little walk, a bit of yoga, or even dancing around your kitchen in your underpants is sure to boost your mood! Exercise is going to flood your brain with endorphins, which stimulate the positive feelings in your lovely noggin. 
  3. Phone a friend  
    1. reach out to a loved one when you’re feeling low. I know these little lists might seem silly, but if you’re feeling a bit rough and have loved ones to lean on then please do. If you don’t have someone you feel that you can confide in, then I’ve listed some resources below of other organisations that might help. 

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