Peak: The Ultimate Festival Companion for Summer 2022

Peak: The Ultimate Festival Companion for Summer 2022 - Peak

Summer is officially here.

You know what British summertime means? Other than middle-aged shirtless football fans and the universal “picky bits for tea”, it means that it’s officially festival season! 

Here’s why Peak is your best companion for all your Summer events. 

  • Peak hydrates you 
        1. Peak is a water-based bev, infused with adaptogens and nootropics to boost your mood whilst hydrating your brain. Staying hydrated is one of your top priorities at a festival, so drink Peak to make hydration chic. 
  • Peak perks you up 
        1. We’ve got caffeine, L theanine, Vitamin B  and Guayusa to stimulate wakefulness and keep you from crashing. None of that post-caffeine crash you get with regular energy drinks. 
  • She’s cute!
        1. Let's be real here, if you’re going to an event you’re probably gonna want to take a cool pic with your pals. Peak is here to compliment your outfit and match your aesthetic. Say goodbye to a bev clashing with your colour scheme, peak is the perfect accessory. 
  • Get your grey matter feeling groovy 
      1. This is the real start of the show, and why I love drinking Peak at events. Peak is packed with mood-boosting ingredients to get you feeling your grooviest, even if your feet are tired from too much two steppin. 

    Not enough for you? Here’s why Peakheads use a B.Y.O.P (bring your own Peak) policy all summer long. 


    Harvey Gunn - Music mogul and all round legend 

    "Drinking Peak at Glastonbury was the best choice for me as it was the perfect thing to keep me going through the long weekend. As an artist who was performing I wanted to feel energised without getting any of the jitters that can come with that - I was nervous enough as it was! Also being a non-drinker it was a blessing that kept me dancing deep into the night without feeling sluggish."


    Izzy - Head of Comms 

    “I took a case of Peak with me when I went to Parklife a few weeks ago. They’re the best thing for a hangover so I was feeling fresh as a daisy all weekend, and they elevated my vibes when I was dealing with the post-festival blues on Monday morning. Sadly, you’re not allowed drinks at the actual festival, but best believe we were sinking the Peaks on the bus ride there. Peak is the GOAT when it comes to festival bevs.”

    Louie - Co-founder of Peak

    “I recently went for a trip away to a remote place in Cornwall with some  good friends. Obviously, I brought a few cases of Peak with me … we were outdoors for 4 days and partied most nights - Peak was a life saver in the mornings. Groggy heads and tired bodies all gravitated towards the cooler each morning for a calm and clear pick-me-up that didn’t leave anyone feeling wired or anxious.”

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