In The Mood: to Smell Happier!

In The Mood: to Smell Happier! - Peak

Welcome to our new series called In The Mood, in which we’re exploring the mood industry to find other methods of mood enhancement. Stay tuned for mood-boosting brain hacks and products to pair with your Peak.

We’re a mood-boosting beverage company. You guys know that. But what about mood  boosting deodorant? 

Mood-boosting food and drink sort of makes sense to me. Ingest something = brain happy = mood boosted. Sure. But roll something under your pits and feel better? I’m confused but intrigued. 

So I did my due diligence. Mindalt - the mood-boosting deodorant - is anchored in aromachology. Aromachology is the study of how scent can influence human behaviour. 

People have used essential oils to treat psychological and physical issues for aeons. Even the ancient Egyptians dabbled in aromatherapy, that's how you know it's oldschool. Aromachology is aromatherapy’s younger, trendier, more scientific sibling that explores the wide range of emotions that can be induced by the inhaling of specific scents. Whilst they both promote using scents to improve mood, aromachology is psychology based.

Same same, but different. 

Stay with me here guys, because it's not actually as far-fetched as it sounds on first read. If we boil it down to its core, you’re not going to want to sit in a room that smells bad and work productively, are you? So is it really that crazy to think that scents like eucalyptus, peppermint oil and ethanol will improve your cognitive performance?

Where mindalt comes in, is that they have distilled the findings of aromachology into a wearable, rollable, vibe-elevating product. They have four scents: more energy, less anxiety, more focus and more mindful. Each of the scents come with their own unique blend of essential oils to prompt a response from your psyche. Mindalt focuses on enhancing your mood, soothing your nervous system all whilst keeping you from being stanky.

“Might seem random, but there’s a physiological benefit rooted in the proven science of aromachology — the legit study of smell and emotion (kind of like the clinical side of your favourite yoga mom’s aromatherapy candles). Science proves that scent activates physiological and behavioural responses with emotions. Your moods, behaviour, and thoughts can change through inhaling certain smells.” - Mindalt Website

Throughout the day, midalt will reactivate whenever your body temperature changes. Basically, when you feel anxious and start to get hot and sweaty, the essential oils in mindalt will react to the temperature change and emit the mind-altering scent. 

The reviews on Mindalt are pretty amazing. People are raving about the effects, from the alleviation of anxiety to improved concentration, the critics are smelling good and feeling even better. Everything down to the packaging with little aura orbs emits good vibes. 

We’re really excited to see a new start-up making waves in the mood enhancement industry and can’t wait until they ship to the UK. Until they do, here are some home aromachology methods to tide you over:

Using essential oil diffusers, candles or simply rubbing a drop of oil on your wrists can boost concentration, alleviate anxiety and improve your mood. 

For added focus: 

Charge your home with citrus or herbaceous oils. Something like a lemon and basil diffuser would work great to invigorate your psyche. My personal favourite is peppermint. 

For anxiety:

To alleviate your anxiety, you’re going to want to calm your senses. Consider infusing your home with bergamot or chamomile to mellow you out. 

For mood boosting: 

If you’re stuck in a brain funk, then use essential oils such as lavender or even black pepper (the MVP of the seasoning cabinet also featured in Peak Rise).

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