Guayusa: The Amazonian Super-Leaf

Guayusa: The Amazonian Super-Leaf - Peak

Guayusa is the sacred plant of the Amazonian Kichwa People. Used to brew tea for centuries, this plant has a rich history. Kichwa legend says that, before becoming a sacred plant, the guayusa was a powerful and divine spirit, often portrayed as the spirit of a jaguar.  This spirit motivated people to achieve their goals and make intelligent decisions, invigorating their spirits and promoting fertility.

Although it’s not widely known yet, the effects of the leaf are hugely positive. This ‘super-leaf’ contains a unique blend of caffeine, theanine, theobromine and polyphenol antioxidants which give you all of the energy without the crash. 
Specifically, it’s seven times more effective than drinking coffee and has twice the antioxidants of green tea.

Studies have shown that consuming Guayusa stimulated a significantly lower increase in epinephrine (the shakey, nervous effects of coffee) when compared to coffee or energy drinks.

As well as this, Guayusa gives you a more sustainable energy boost in comparison to your everyday coffee. Studies have shown that ingesting Guayusa kept your wakefulness, cognitive function, mood and attention levels elevated for longer than coffee would. They also found that there’s a steady incline and decline on either side of your elevated state, in comparison to the sharp crash that comes with coffee.

You can find guayusa in Peak Rise. 

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