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Struggling to focus? Head feeling scattered? Coffee making you anxious? Try Peak Rise. A refreshing plant-based pick-me-up made with natural nootropics for a slow released boost in mood, energy and focus throughout the whole day. The taste? Slightly sweet, slightly sour, lightly sparkling.

All Natural ✓ Low Sugar ✓ 32 Calories

Nootropic Ingredients

✓ Natural Caffeine for mood and energy
✓ L-Theanine for focus and clarity
✓ Ashwagandha for calm
✓ Niacin (B3) for mental energy
✓ Cobalamin (B12) for mood
✓ Turmeric for cognition & repair
✓ Black Pepper to activate turmeric

RISE - MIXED BUNDLE - Peak Nootropic Mood Drinks


£45.00 £48.00

Meryl - Creative Director

“I drink Peak before every big meeting or presentation to zen me out and energise me at the same time. It's become a necessity now.”

- ★★★★★

Harvey, Music Producer

“If I’m feeling tired or unmotivated, I usually drink coffee and then I find it harder to focus and start trying to multi-task. But I feel like Peak keeps me calm and makes my brain quicker.”

- ★★★★★