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The original mood drink for more dopamine.

PEAK Hype is designed to enhance feelings of inspiration, focus and motivation.

Serotonin 80%
Dopamine 20%

The 'feel good' chemical in your brain that gives you the inspiration for new ideas and the motivation to make them happen.


The original flavour HYPE is fruity, tart and citrusy.


Drink HYPE to feel more:

+ Inspired
+ Positive
+ Focused
+ Motivated


A dopamine boosting stack of:

+ Natural Caffeine
+ Tyrosine
+ Theanine
+ Theobromine

  • Naturally Caffeinated
  • Low in Sugar
  • Naturally Flavoured
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Hype Questions

'Drinks to enhance the way you feel.'

PEAK Hype is a stimulating mood drink formulated to enhance your dopamine and increase feelings of positivity, clarity, motivation inspiration and focus.

HYPE boosts dopamine NOT adrenaline.

The natural caffeine in PEAK HYPE contains all 9 essential amino acids that help to balance out the feeling and remove any of the usual and unwanted side effects.

Studies show that one of our core ingredients in HYPE increases dopamine 7x more than energy drinks and coffee with virtually zero adrenaline spike.

HYPE also contains other powerful nootropics like Tyrosine, Theobromine and Theanine for combined mood enahncing benefits.

60mg per can. That's about 2/3 of a coffee.

HOWEVER, this caffeine hits different - it's natural caffeine rich in amino acids and is extracted from the Guayusa super leaf.

Think slow release, long lasting and no unwanted side effects.

No, we don't use CBD in any of our products.

We wouldn't be here if it didn't.

One of our co-founders, Louie, has ADHD, which is a common brain difference associated with lower levels of dopamine and serotonin—the chemicals responsible for motivation and relaxation.

That's why we made HYPE and CALM to make it easy to get in the right state of mind.

Try it for yourself and let Louie know how you feel after drinking HYPE - louie@peakmoods.com.

Everyone's different but we're knocking back 2x a day on the regular.

If you wanna stay up, HYPE will see you through your evening session but if you wanna have a more chilled one - CALM is perfect.

Shift the Mood

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The original mood drink for more serotonin.

PEAK Calm is designed to enhance feelings of clarity, positivity and relaxation.

Serotonin 20%
Dopamine 80%
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