Control the way you feel from AM to PM with our all-natural, mood-enhancing beverages.

  • “Peak is the perfect plant based pick-me-up”

  • “That drink worked. Mental Clarity!”

  • “Invigorating on the palate!”

  • “Breathe out, tune in.”

  • “Peak are reframing nootropics for Gen Z”

  • “This is just the tip of the iceberg”

  • “Boost in mental clarity and brain performance”

  • All Natural

    Vegan & gluten free

  • Sparkling

    Unique flavours

  • 32 Calories

    Naturally low sugar


A refreshing mood-booster made with sparkling water and natural nootropics for clarity and energy.
  • Rise - Mixed Bundle
    Rise - Mixed Bundle
    Rise - Mixed Bundle

    Rise - Mixed Bundle

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  • Rise - Pink Grapefruit Mint
    Rise - Pink Grapefruit Mint
    Rise - Pink Grapefruit Mint
    Rise - Pink Grapefruit Mint
    Rise - Pink Grapefruit Mint

    Rise - Pink Grapefruit Mint

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  • Rise - Raspberry Lime
    Rise - Raspberry Lime
    Rise - Raspberry Lime
    Rise - Raspberry Lime
    Rise - Raspberry Lime

    Rise - Raspberry Lime

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As Seen In

  • Boosts Dopamine

    7x more than coffee

  • Natural Caffeine

    Calmer and slower release

  • Rich in Antioxidants

    2x the amount of Green Tea

Powerful Plants to Benefit Your Brain

Organic Guayusa
Ecuadorian superleaf that awakens the mind

Ashwagandha Extract
Ayurvedic healing herb that relieves mental stress

Turmeric & Black Pepper
Ancient duo that regenerate & protect the brain

B-Vit Complex (3, 6, 7 & 12)
Essential combination to regulate mood & energy


New to you and to the world. So, you probably have some questions ...

A fair question to ask. If you’re stumbling onto our Instagram feed, we might appear to be a quirky trend page with a cute green can feature every now and then, but we are so much more than that.

Peak is the remedy to any plague on your productivity and is the answer to the problem faced by the new conscious generation. 

That's the big picture at least. 

On a smaller scale, Peak is a drink packed with natural nootropics that uplift your mood without the classic post caffeine crash you get with coffee. It comes in two flavours (watch this space) in some cool cans with kick-ass designs.

Peak is made for creatives, by creatives.

I know, it sounds like some funky new-age medicine term, but we promise that nootropics are where it's at when it comes to maximising your health potential. 

The big one we all know and love is caffeine. Drunk every morning by most people on the planet, coffee and tea is packed full of caffeine that stimulates a feeling of wakefulness in our brains. 

Caffeine is just the tip of the natural nootropic iceberg. Substances like L-Theanine, Creatine, Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Ginkgo Bilboa and Curcumin are all naturally occurring nootropics that are now being incorporated into functional beverages, just like Peak.

Find out more about how nootropic drinks are the future in our recent article: Function Over Form.

There are no strict rules.

I’m not saying that you should start pouring Peak on your shreddies in the morning, but when consumed as part of a balanced diet, Peak can really give you a boost. 

whenever you’re feeling tired, sluggish or just not as fresh as you’d like to be, then it's time for a Peak. Whether you’re a morning sipper or an afternoon enjoyer, we’re not here to judge.

My personal fave time to crack open a can of clarity is somewhere in the post-lunch fog. I always hit a slump after my lunch break and struggle to get my momentum up again, so Peak is my little productivity helper. 

Side effects of consuming peak include feeling Energised, focused, creative, positive, and invigorated. 

Enough with feeling strung-out, burned-out, tired-out, stressed-out, freaked-out, zonked-out. Peak is your liquid pathway to mind control. Rise from the brain fog. Take command over your mood, and enter a clearer state of being.

In the famous words of Fat Boy Slim - ‘right here, right now’. You can get yourself a supply of Peak Rise on this very page.

But if you're as impatient as I am, you can get next day delivery with Amazon Prime, or if you're in London in under 10 minutes with Gorillas app.

If you're more of an IRL kinda person, pop into your nearest Planet Organic store for the perfect plant-based pick-me-up.

Nootropics are natural brain boosting ingredients that when consumed coorreclt can be hugly beneficial.

However these plant-based powerhouses can pack a punch so be mindful of over consumption.

If you’re under 18, breastfeeding or pregnant, consult your doc if you are unsure if Peak is right for you.

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